There’s no doubt about it – we Christians get confused. We have doubts. We have trouble thinking. We get deceived. We compromise. That’s what this website is about – it’s about exposing the lies and seeing through the deceptions of the world, of sin, and of the devil. It’s about seeing the meaning that was always there, hiding in plain sight, if you only knew how to connect the dots.

As a child you probably worked on these puzzles. You found pleasure in finding the hidden figure by connecting the dots in the right sequence. But as adults it’s not so easy. What if the dots multiplied? What if there were no sequence? Some dots may help form the right image, but others we’re not so sure of: those are the stray dots, the forgotten dots, the decoys or just the noise. These are the ‘lost dots’ – the dots that don’t get connected because we’re simply too afraid that we’ll end up drawing a monster or a meaningless mess.

A dot is just that – it’s a non-descript piece of unrelated information: facts, dates, times, ads, phone numbers, news headlines, articles, images – lots of images! – emails, bible verses, sermons, text messages, all coming at us with blinding speed. How can we know which ones to grab and which ones to let go of? That’s what this website is about.
It’s also about finding the lost truths, brushing them off and reconnecting them to the truths we already know. Those recombined, re-contextualized truths, then, give meaning and purpose to everything we do; they crystallize our faith and make life make sense; they enlighten us to walk through this life as image-bearers of the living Jesus Christ.

So here’s to connecting lost dots!