Connecting the Lost Dots – captures the core of my motivation. God designed me that way and I’m therefore the most fulfilled when I’m connecting dots – helping people to understand deeply. Many of us live in a fog of confusion and simply ‘check out’ because we’ve lost hope of ever finding any meaning in it all, even as Christians. That’s why I call it connecting the lost dots.

But the meaning doesn’t stop there. It’s also about finding and connecting lost truths and lost souls; it’s about bringing out obscure but important realities and helping people see how it relates to them and to God’s purpose.

I’ve been asking why and what does this mean, my whole life. I remember arguing with my mom at age thirteen over getting a haircut. I said, ‘But mom, there’s always a reason for everything!’ (She still made me get a haircut.) I’ve kept a journal, actually many of them, since 1980, learning to communicate with myself and God by sorting through my own confusion, putting pen to paper, praying and coaxing myself to try to make sense of it all in complete sentences.

Work-wise I was an engineer and then landed my first job as a technical writer in 1991. I’ve never looked back. I’ve also been an elder in our church since 1994 and seen many triumphs, trials and tragedies, yet God’s hope shines through it all.

Beyond the writer-ly and pastor-ly side of me, I’m a husband of 33 years to my beloved Jane, who is also my editor. I’m a father of six, four of whom are married with three grandchildren. I’m truly a blessed man who loves to connect the dots, especially the lost ones. I hope we can make some connections together.