What are you trying to say?

It’s hard to put in just a few words, but here goes — it’s about the things that we as Christians believe that poison us – slowly. It’s about deceptions, lies, half-truths, that stunt our growth in Christ. It’s also about the truths that, when we really believe them, not just say that we believe them, we’re made new. Here’s more on that.

Why are you doing this?

Because God called me to write and I really believe it can help. That doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll be any good at it; it just means that I need to focus my efforts to be faithful in it, to say what he gives me to say, and try to improve as time goes on.

How often will you update this?

I’ve been writing (offline) for about two years, so I have quite a lot stored up. But I’m going to roll it out one post at a time, every Friday. I’ll post at other times too, but the plan is to post at least on that day.

Are you writing a book?

Yes. At least that’s what I thought I was doing, but then I realized I needed to roll out the book one article at a time so that I could validate and refine it with your feedback. Once I have that, then I’ll consider publishing it as a book. I want to make sure that it meets a need and is bearing fruit and I really can’t judge that without your participation.

So please come help me write this book! I would greatly appreciate your honest and candid comments and conversations. If you desire to do that, use the contact form.

I have a personal question. How can I contact you?

For now, please use the contact form.

Can you give me the short version – I don’t have time to read all this.

If you want the short version, read the book introduction or the category introductions.

Yes, we all have limited time to read. That’s one reason that I’m pacing this out over a year’s time. But I would suggest the best thing to do is, if you see a post headline that intrigues you, perhaps some lie that you had not considered, use the contact form and we can try to have a conversation.

How does it relate to Connecting the Lost Dots?

First, read this to get a sense of that.

The way I see this website growing over time is, it’s going to slowly build a series of articles that will form a manuscript that then becomes a book; then, I’ll roll out another series of articles on a different topic (watch out for that starting next year), which I’m now conceiving as ‘medical trans-humanism’ – stay tuned! Till then, I’m slowly connecting the lost dots.