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There’s no doubt about it – we Christians get confused. We have doubts. We have trouble thinking. We get deceived. We compromise. That’s what this website is about – it’s about exposing the lies and seeing through the deceptions of the world, of sin, and of the devil. It’s about seeing the meaning that was always there, hiding in plain sight, if you only knew how to connect the dots. . .

Manuscript – my book blogged one article at a time

Because it is so unbelievable, the Truth often escapes being known. — Heraclitus

We’re slowly being poisoned and most of us don’t know it.
I’m not talking about a physical toxicity, though that’s happening too. No, I’m talking about toxic lies: deceptions, half-truths, distortions, confusions and ‘spins.’ What may appear to be innocent information, could turn out to destroy us.
This book started out as a collection of lies in my journal. I was unemployed so . . .



He stands weak and bloodied,
leaving a trail of red;
the wreath of thorns embeds
itself into his brow.
Barefoot on the pavement,
the scourges bleed in streaks
through His woven robe —
they write a fractal sign.
He turns a red-lined face
to Pilate strolling to seat
himself high in the Praetorium.
His garrison stands in ranks,
polished, sharp, straight,
their faces like a stone.
Jesus still alone,
unmocked and blood-ennobled . . .